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Sicily Insider is a brand dedicated to promoting the magical island of Sicily. Founded by Chiara Magi, a passionate photographer, filmmaker, and ardent admirer of Sicily, our mission is to showcase the island's unique beauty and hidden gems to the world.

Sicily Insider has grown to become the largest English-language website dedicated to Sicily, with a a significant following on social media, with Instagram being the most active platform. Our aim is to provide an insider's perspective, offering expert travel information, tips, and advice to help you experience Sicily even better than most of the locals.

Our journey began in 2015 with a project originally named 'Sicilian Vibes.' What started as a personal quest—Chiara's solo 1000+ km walking adventure around Sicily—has evolved into a comprehensive travel guide. During this expedition, Chiara walked approximately 20 km daily, capturing the island's beauty and essence through her lens. Her goal was to deepen her understanding of Sicily and to share its wonders with the world, as the island remains relatively unexplored by many.

Today, Sicily Insider serves as your all-in-one travel companion, offering everything you need to plan the perfect trip to Sicily. From detailed itineraries and local insights to practical travel tips, we are here to ensure you experience the best of what this amazing island has to offer.