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The 7 Most Instagrammable Places In Palermo


“Palermo is the most beautifully situated town in the world” said Oscar Wilde in 1962. After seeing most of the best and most famous places in the world, I have to agree with him. Palermo is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen!

In Palermo you can always find something for everyone, you can find adventurous activities, you can relax on the beach, the Sicilian cuisine is very wide and full of different flavors (and obviously it is super tasty), you can immerse yourself into history or just have a simple, yet very interesting walk in the alleys of the center. You can go shopping or maybe go clubbing in the evening. Right in the middle of the city, you will find a high mountain, called Mount Pellegrino, which is an incredible hike with stunning panoramic views. 

So, would you like to take your new Instagram photos in Palermo? I am a photographer and I lead a group of photographers in Palermo, we offer travel photoshoots around the city. Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] to get your new photos taken by us in Palermo! All the photos in this article were taken by us.

And now, here are my top tips about the best Instagram spots in Palermo where to take photos that all your friends will love:

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Quick Sicily Travel Guide

Sicily Accommodation: San Domenico Palace and Grand Hotel Timeo for luxury accommodation in Taormina, and Casa Nostra Boutique Hotel or Palazzo Natoli Boutique Hotel for intimate vibes in Palermo. Dome or B&B Oriental Palace in Catania. Room Of Andrea Hotel or Gaura Apartments in Trapani. Le Tre Campane Ortigia or Palazzo Alfeo Aparthotel in Syracuse. Principe Di Salina Boutique Hotel or Il Gabbiano Relais in Stromboli on the Aeolian Islands.

Top Sicily Activities:

The Cathedral of Palermo and its surroundings

Chiara Magi

The Cathedral of Palermo is the biggest monument in the city, it’s outstanding and well-decorated. This impressive exterior looks good in every photo, you can find many interesting angles between statues, towers and just the whole building itself is so big that every side of the building is perfect for a new photo.

Also, take a look at the bars in front of and near the Cathedral, very often they are full of colors and from their tables, you can find beautiful views.

Get that bright background in Piazza Pretoria

Chiara Magi

This is my favorite place of Palermo. A big fountain with bright white statues. We know that light colors always look good in photos. Every angle and cranny of this fountain works perfectly and I love to see all the different light reflections the sun creates on this beautiful fountain.

Paradise beach photos on the beach of Mondello

Chiara Magi

If you are wondering where to take that beach photo with crystal clear water, then go to Mondello Beach. This is the most accessible beach in the city. It’s about half an hour by bus from the center of Palermo. You can take bus number 806 from the stop next to the Politeama theatre (in Piazza Castelnuovo), and this bus will take you directly to the beach.

Please note that during the summer season these buses can be overcrowded and if too full, the buses will not stop if no one wants to get off. You always have to raise your hand to stop the bus.

The biggest tree of Europe and its wonderful shapes

Yaren Fricano

Many travelers don’t know that the biggest tree in Europe is located in Palermo, and let me tell you more: it is in the heart of the historic center! Not far from the seaside, you can find Piazza Marina (Marina Square), where in 1863, Giovan Battista Filippo Basile designed the Garibaldi Garden, in the centre of the square. It was then that a Ficus macrophylla tree, commonly known as the Moreton Bay fig or Australian banyan was planted.

This tree is best known for the branches that establish contact with the ground, creating imposing buttress roots. Nowadays, it’s more than 30 metres (98 ft.) high. Inside the garden, you can find a couple of trees like this and the roots look just amazing in the photos!

The Mediterranean yachting vibe

Chiara Magi

The port of Palermo was well-know as the largest port of Europe during the Greek period in the eighth century BC. We don’t have any crystal clear water beaches around the city center. But we have La Cala, which all the Palermitans love! This is a small marina for all sailing boats, there’s a wide sidewalk right next to the boats, where you can walk and take picturesque photos will all those more than 100 masts. PS. This is also a good spot for sunset photos. You won’t see a full sunset from the city center, because it’s all surrounded by mountains, but in La Cala you can capture a nice golden hour and good light flairs.

The Sicilian espresso

Chiara Magi

Sip a Sicilian espresso or just a cappuccino in one of the old town bars and take a photo of you sitting at the table. And to get an extra special photo, try taking that photo near one of the monuments. The best monuments for photos, which have bars nearby, are: the Cathedral, Teatro Massimo and Piazza Pretoria.

Capture the cupolas – on the roof of Chiesa di Santa Caterina d’Alessandria

Chiara Magi

If you are wondering where to have the best panoramic view over the old part of Palermo, then go to the roof of Santa Caterina D’Alessandria Church. It’s an ancient cloister where nuns lived, now open for visits from Monday to Friday. It costs 5 euros to go to the roof or 7 euros to visit the roof and also the rooms of the cloister.

BONUS IDEA: The Ballarò Market. What could work even better for photos than all the colorful fruits and vegetables you can find at the Ballarò market? You can find the market at its best in the morning from Monday to Saturday. If you don’t like people watching you, maybe this is not the best place for you, all the locals just love watching other people. But for that Instagram photo it will be worth it!

All the photos in this article were taken by Chiara Magi & her team. Book your travel photoshoot in Palermo here or write us at [email protected].

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Chiara Magi
Chiara Magi
I'm a photographer and filmmaker, and most of all probably the biggest lover of Sicily! I am also the creator of Sicily Insider, sharing the best travel information, tips and advice.


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