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The 9 Prettiest Paradise Beaches In Sicily


Are you looking for a paradise beach with crystal clear water and white sand? Or would you like to find out where is the best beach in Sicily for families? Do you expect that all the beaches in Sicily to be super crowded and full of sun loungers and restaurants? I think you will be pleasantly surprised to find that we have also so many little secluded beaches and hidden gems in Sicily.

In fact, many of the beaches could be pretty quiet if you choose to visit Sicily for example in mid-May, but by the end of May the island places might begin to get a lot busier. And it will be very helpful having a car to get off the beaten path a bit.

The best time to visit Sicily is usually in May or also in September and October – it will be still hot enough to go swimming (and the water will be warm as well!) but not so hot that you couldn’t bear being in the sun. In fact, you could spend more time on the beach during a vacation in May or October than during a high season in July or August.

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Quick Sicily Travel Guide

Sicily Accommodation: San Domenico Palace and Grand Hotel Timeo for luxury accommodation in Taormina, and Casa Nostra Boutique Hotel or Palazzo Natoli Boutique Hotel for intimate vibes in Palermo. Dome or B&B Oriental Palace in Catania. Room Of Andrea Hotel or Gaura Apartments in Trapani. Le Tre Campane Ortigia or Palazzo Alfeo Aparthotel in Syracuse. Principe Di Salina Boutique Hotel or Il Gabbiano Relais in Stromboli on the Aeolian Islands.

Top Sicily Activities:

Where are the best beaches in Sicily?

Sicily has thousands of beaches and every part of Sicily offers a different landscape. While there are many beaches that I love, a few stuck out as clear favorites. So here are my personal picks for the best beaches in Sicily.

Capo Calavà in Gioiosa Marea

Capo Calavà is not very well-known even to most of the Sicilians, but it is definitely my favorite beach in Sicily. The beach has small stones instead of sand, but the water is so amazingly clear that it’s so much worth it! Compared to many other beaches, this one never gets over-crowded and (until now) all the people you see there, are locals.

Bright blue, crystal clear, small waves and calmness – this is what made me fall in love with Capo Calavà.

Capò Calavà is in northern Sicily, so you could even stay until the sunset to see the sun going down perfectly “in the middle of the sea”. Otherwise you could also drive up to Milazzo, where you can find many restaurants and hotels. The drive up to Milazzo can be very nice as all the road is next to the sea, so keep your eyes open for some fantastic views.

Mondello beach in Palermo

Mondello beach is my other favorite in Sicily. I love that the beach is so long – it stretches 1,5 kilometers – and the water is shallow pretty far out, which makes it perfect for playing some knee-deep paddle ball. This beach has white soft sand, usually small waves and most of all crytal clear water.

This is a really nice beach to spend the day at, as it’s so big you’d easily find everything you will need – sunbeds, restaurants, bars, a supermarket and sometimes even too many people. If I could choose, I’d rather visit this Mondello beach in April, May or October rather than in the height of summer. But whenever you go there, I’m sure you will just love this beach. Local people love to call it also the “European Carribeans” because of it’s beauty and colors.

It’s also nice to see all the boats hanging around there – something about it just makes it feel so “Mediterranean holiday”. The water at Mondello beach is usually a lot warmer than in other places in spring, which is definitely a plus in April and May.

Santa Maria del Focallo and the sand dunes

Santa Maria del Focallo is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Southwestern part of Sicily with crystal clear sea and beautiful fine golden sand, which is also typical of this area.

This long beach stretches for several kilometers and is surrounded by the Mediterranean flora that offers a unique landscape of rare beauty. I personally love all the sand dunes that give you that little “desert feel”.

There are few beach bars that also offer the possibility to rent a sunbed, but most of the beach is just wild and pure nature. This beach is also ideal for long walks. Even in the height of summer this is a really nice beach to spend the day at, as it’s so big you’d still easily be able to find a quiet spot.

Cala Rossa in Favignana

This must be the most beautiful beach in Sicily – or at least the most beautiful one for me because of it’s totally transparent turqoise water. The color of the water in Cala Rossa doesn’t even seem real!

The setting down there is beautiful, and you have to walk down the hill to get to the beach. In my opinion this is the prettiest where to swim, as there are lots of fish, so you definitely have to snorkle to discover all the underwater world and the surrounding cliffs make for some dramatic views.

Cala Rossa is a beach on Favignana island, which is on the Western part of Sicily. You can easily arrive to Favignana by taking a ferry from Trapani and from the port of Favignana you can take either a taxi or rent a scooter or a bike to go to Cala Rossa beach.

Isola Bella in Taormina

Isola Bella beach is one of the most famous beaches of Sicily. “Isola Bella” in Italian means “Beautiful Island”, that’s because there’s a small island just in front of the beach, where you can even arrive on foot by walking through a knee-high water. The beach itself is full of small stones and the island part has many rocks around, which makes it also perfect for snorkeling to see many colorful fish that love all the rocky parts of the sea.

This beach is easily accessible as from the downtown of Taormina you can take a cable car down to the beach. You can also find many hotels, restaurants and bars around the beach area, which makes everything easier.

The beaches of Zingaro Nature Reserve

If your goal is to find something wilder and even more, if you’re up for a little walk, then in Zingaro Nature Reserve you can see several paradise beaches all in one day. All the nature reserve has more than a 7 kilometers long coastline, which includes 7 beaches.

There are two entrances, one in the north, another one in the south of the nature reserve. It’s easier and faster to arrive to the beaches if you start from the northern entrance (San Vito Lo Capo side). The first beach that you will see is called Cala dell’Uzzo, which has usually more people, but is also the most beautiful and easily accessible.

Walking along the 7 kilometer long path along the coastline will take almost a whole day if you want to stay also at the beaches, but it is by far one of the most beautiful hikes that you can do in Sicily.

Torre Salsa Nature Reserve

This nature reserve is a true paradise. It is a paradise because you will see just few people, only wild nature and lots of silence. This is and ideal place where to regenerate your mind and body. The Torre Salsa Nature Reserve is managed by the WWF. It’s a place isolated from the world between calm and shallow waters, Mediterranean scrub bushes and golden beaches.

To get to Torre Salsa, you need to have a car. While following the directions towards Torre Salsa, take the Siculiana Marina exit and then follow the signs that indicate Torre Salsa, one of the great entrances is called Pantano.

Once you have entered into the nature reserve area, you will find in front of you an uncontaminated landscape with a very long beach. The coast is surrounded by dunes on which typically Mediterranean vegetation grows. If you walk to the right you will arrive at a slightly more rocky beach, where the rocks create natural swimming pools with the water and continuing on the same path you reach the limestone cliffs of an almost shimmering white, in the Scala dei Turchi style.

If you decide to go and discover the Western part, you have to walk for more than an hour to arrive to the land that is owned by the WWF. The WWF safeguards the territory from building speculation to protect the Caretta Caretta sea turtle and its habitat that is very active in that area. Please remember that you won’t see any hotels or beach bars here, so bring everything you will need with you.

San Vito Lo Capo beach

A kilometer-long beach of tropical colors and fine white sand. This is a dream!

This beach is just next to the downtown of San Vito Lo Capo, which makes it very accessible and perfect for everybody. In the town and around the beach you will find many activities, bars, restaurants and also many hotels and different options for accomodation.

A very fine and white sand covers the whole bay and there are also a couple of monuments that you can see in the town, this is why it is also among the favorites of older people or those who want to stay at the sea with young children. There are many comforts offered by the bathing establishments, but a good part of the beach is open for free access.

Scopello beach

Scopello beach is probably the beach that you have seen the most on Instagram or on postcards. Everybody dreams to see these sea stacks in Scopello, which make all the view just magical.

Located on the edge of the Zingaro Nature Reserve, also in Scopello you can see a crystal clear sea, ideal for snorkelers and for all those who love to immerse themselves in a truly breathtaking natural landscape. The stacks can be reached by boat. The area is served by a couple of bars and restaurants.

As this area has private owners, you will need to pay a ticket to access the area and follow their timetables. Otherwise you can stay as long as you want to if you stay in one of the surrounding hotels.

All the photos in this article were taken by Chiara Magi. Book your travel photoshoot in Palermo here or write us at [email protected].

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Chiara Magi
Chiara Magi
I'm a photographer and filmmaker, and most of all probably the biggest lover of Sicily! I am also the creator of Sicily Insider, sharing the best travel information, tips and advice.


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