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7 Underrated Places To Visit In Sicily


There’s no other place like Sicily. And it is hard to find people as kind and hospitable as Sicilians. In Sicily you can find everything, literally. On this occasion we will discover together which are the places in Sicily that have incredible beauty, but where only locals or a few travelers know how to go.

It’s time to know about those incredible places that nobody tells you about.

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Quick Sicily Travel Guide

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Top Sicily Activities:

The unknown places of Sicily

Sicily is full of incredible places that receive many tourists year after year: Taormina, Scopello, San Vito Lo Capo, Cefalù, Palermo and Catania are some of the most visited destinations, both by foreign visitors and national tourists.

The beautiful and little known places of Sicily, which are fascinating because of their beauty, but at the same time they trasmit tranquility and that’s what makes them unique. Here are 7 fascinating and underrated destinations that you must see in Sicily:


Photo by Markos90, Wikimedia Commons

Linosa island is small and remote, a corner of paradise in the Mediterranean Sea. This volcanic island has a lot of protected wild nature. Nature reserves cover much of its territory and the surrounding waters that are so clear that you can see even more than 10 meters deep! Fishing is not allowed and it can be easily considered as one of the ecological refuges on the planet.

The crystal clear sea breaks against steep dark-colored cliffs, which create a striking contrast with the color of the water. The only real beach on the island is visited every year not only by tourists but also by the loggerhead turtles, who come here to lay their eggs.

The island’s volcanoes have not been active for more than 2500 years but their conical shape and their extinct craters are clearly evident. Expanses of prickly pears cover entire valleys, which can be admired from the top of gentle hills.

This small island will delight trekking and diving enthusiasts but is perfect for anyone who needs a week of pure relaxation. In just 5 square kilometers you will find everything you need to be happy, and not just in summer: Linosa enjoys a mild climate that makes it ideal for a holiday all year round.

Alcantara Gorges

Photo by tulipa_22, Pixabay

High canyons formed by black lava walls up to 50 meters high, up to 5 meters wide, developed following the cooling process of the lava. Go to the Alcantara Gorges to live a unique experience and prepare to be amazed admiring a splendid natural landscape. It’s just 20 km from Taormina and within the Alcantara River Park.

This is one of the most spectacular places in Sicily, with very rare flora and fauna and with a unique natural landscape in whole Italy. It’s crazy to know that the site was unknown until the 1950s, perhaps for this reason it has remained so beautiful and intact.

In the Alcantara Park you can find various paths that are perfect for trekking lovers, you can find many routes suitable for any need: long, short, uphill and downhill. You can also access several beaches, such as the small beach of the gorges, where the walk traditionally ends.

The Alcantara Gorges are perfect also for those who love river sports. You can devote yourself to body rafting, going upstream against the current to admire and touch the wonderful columnar basalts with the assistance of specialized instructors.

Capo Zafferano

Photo by Chiara Magi

It is one of the magical mountains of unknown Sicily that, due to its location in the middle of the sea, makes it unique. High rocky cliffs adorn the panorama, where the view over Palermo, Bagheria, Sant’Elia, Casteldaccia and other towns makes it even more magical. It is located 20 kilometers from Palermo.

Around Capo Zafferano you can find many wondeful and wild paradise beaches with crystal clear water, you can visit the archaeological area of Solunto and also all the surrounding villages: Aspra, Sant’Elia, Porticello. One of the best ways to enjoy Capo Zafferano is to hike, either on top of Capo Zafferano mountain itself or on top of Monte Catalfano, to see the panorama towards the sea.

Catafurco waterfalls

Photo by JonPauling, Pixabay

Many travelers, who visit the Catafurco waterfalls, say that this was their highlight of Sicily. While every other place might be very crowded, you can have the waterfalls (quite probably) pretty much to yourselves.

It is one of the natural beauties of Sicily that is located in the Nebrodi Park. It’s an ideal place to indulge in a dream trekking during your Sicilian holidays. Formed by the rushing waters of the San Basilio stream, at a height difference of 30 meters carved by time. The waterfall is located in the territory of Galati di Mamertino in an area full of charm that offers numerous ideas for pleasant walks.

Fresh and clear waters that dart between the rocky walls making spectacular jumps. The bursting beauty of Sicily that emanates from every tree. This is the setting that adorns the splendid Catafurco waterfall.


Sant’Elia is a small village just about 20 km from Palermo, but it’s interesting how sometimes even Palermitans don’t know anything about it.

A picturesque little village with colorful houses and next to the crystal clear sea makes us always dream about this place. There’s also little beach, where all the local people love to go in the summer. In the summertime you can also find many little bars just along the coastline, where you can grab a delicious ice-cream and just cool yourself down with a cold drink.

One of the best places in this tiny village is the Punta Sant’Elia, it’s a scenic spot on top of the rocks from where you can admire all the turqouise sea and have a panoramic view over Capo Zafferano.


Photo by Chiara Magi

Levanzo is one smallest Sicilian islands, but it has such a magical and special atmosphere that you can’t miss it when you come to Sicily!

It is small jewel off the coast of Trapani. A wild and uncontaminated island where time seems to have stopped at an era far from modernity and chaos. Just over 200 people live in Levanzo and there are no cars, you can move around on foot, by bike or by boat.

Levanzo should be savored slowly, for its colors and its wonderful sea. The coast of the island is very indented and offers coves and solitary beaches. There are no sandy beaches, but you will find cliffs and sandy and pebble beaches. The best way to explore them all is by boat, but at the same time it’s not too hard to access the beaches on foot.

Punta Bianca

Photo by Chiara Magi

Punta Bianca is one of the lesser-known places of Sicily, in the southern part of the island, close to Agrigento. The atmosphere is very unique with all these white stone formations. The fact that almost no one goes there, makes it even more special.

The beach of Punta Bianca is a natural paradise. The white rock that characterizes the beach has been eroded over time, showing itself today smooth and with much softer features. The white cliff of Punta Bianca continues above sea level with a large area, with very shallow waters.

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